§ 1.

Hurtowina.zbroja.pl e-shop operating on www.hurtownia.zbroja.pl is run by "ZBROJA" International Trade Andrzej Zbroja with the registered office in Wrocław.


ul. Gen. I. Prądzyńskiego 45a

50-433 Wrocław

tel. 071 341 58 00, fax. 071 342 57 19

NIP: 899-000-03-96, REGON: 005954483

UE VAT ID: PL8990000396

Entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs (CEIDG),

previously run by Wrocław Municipal Office,

under no. 25072


address: www.hurtownia.zbroja.pl

e-mail: hurtownia@zbroja.eu

§ 2.

A Party that purchases products in hurtownia.zbroja.pl e-shop, hereinafter referred to as Customer, is an individual who has a full capacity to perform acts in law, or an entrepreneur. A Party who sells goods included in the e-shop’s offer is the shop owner, that is "ZBROJA" International Trade Andrzej Zbroja (hereinafter called Seller).

§ 3.

The subject of transactions are products presented by "ZBROJA" International Trade Andrzej Zbroja on the website hurtownia.zbroja.pl when placing an order. All prices offered in the e-shop are expressed in Polish currency (PLN), dollars ($) and EURO (EURO) and include VAT, unless specified otherwise.

§ 4.

All pictures, texts, graphic elements and files available on the shop’s website are protected by the copyright law and must not be used without the author’s consent. E-wholesale outlet does it best to assure that all products in the pictures fully reflect their real condition and appearance.

The e-shop makes efforts in order to respect your privacy and protect your personal data provided when using the website and purchasing, as well as takes any necessary measures to guarantee the above.

In accordance with the legal regulations, the e-shop registered a set of personal data in the registry kept by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, under no.: 096663.

For more details see the section „Privacy Policy”.

§ 5.

In the case of special offers, their number is limited and thus order fulfillment is dependent upon the order of purchasing.

§ 6.

Orders by means of the website can be made 24/7 for the entire year. In emergency situations it is possible to make an order via phone – office is open from Monday to Friday (8am-4pm), mobile +48 071 341 58 00 or via fax +48 071 342 57 19. Orders placed during weekdays after 4pm, on Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays will be considered on the upcoming working day.

§ 7.

The sale agreement shall be concluded in Polish and English, and shall be in accord with the Terms and Conditions. Placing an order is binding for both Parties in accordance with provisions of the civil code – the sale agreement when an automatic response confirming the placed order and order fulfillment appears on e-mail provided in the registration form.

In order to conclude the Sale Agreement via the e-shop, enter the website www.hurtownia.zbroja.pl, select a product and its color, and follow displayed messages and website information.

Customers can select goods by adding them to the cart.

When placing an Order – until customers click „Buy” – customers are allowed to modify their data and product selection. In so doing, follow displayed messages and website information.

Once Customers have entered all necessary data, a summary of the placed order will be displayed. The summary will include the following information:

  • Subject of order,
  • Unit and total price of the products or services, including delivery costs and additional expenses (if any),
  • Selected delivery,
  • Selected means of payment,

In order to send the Order, it is necessary to accept the Terms and Conditions, enter the personal data marked as required and click „Buy” button.

Sending the Order means that the Customer wishes to conclude the Sale Agreement with ZBROJA International Trade Andrzej Zbroja, the owner of hurtownia.zbroja.pl, in accord with the Terms and Conditions.

Once the Order has been made, the Customer receives an e-mail that finally confirms all relevant elements of the Purchase.

The Agreement shall be considered concluded when the Customer receives an e-mail which includes information that the order status turned into “accepted for fulfillment”.

§ 8.

Modification of order – data modifications when placing orders (e.g. delivery address, change of means of payment, etc.) can be made by sending a suitable e-mail to hurtownia@zbroja.pl. It is advisable to use the order number when sending a message. The modifications can also be communicated via phone +48 071 341 58 00.

Order cancellation – if you wish to cancel your order, contact our representative – dial +48 071 341 58 00 or send an email: hurtownia@zbroja.pl. If your package has already been sent, i.e. handed to a courier, inform us about resignation from the purchase and reject the courier’s parcel.

§ 9.

Orders can be processed if a given product is available in our warehouse, wholesale outlets or Zbroja stores. If the given product is out of stock, the Customer is notified of the order status and expected to make a decision concerning further fulfillment, or resignation.

§ 10.

The Customer can select one of the following means of payment:

Transfer to a bank account – a product will be sent once we have received the amount on our bank account. At request we issue a pro-forma invoice. The transfer lead time is usually 24 hours since the transfer order (counting working days).


(PLN) ZBROJA International Trade Andrzej Zbroja

50-433 Wrocław, ul. Gen. I. Prądzyńskiego 45a

Deutsche Bank PBC S.A.: 14 1910 1048 2412 0249 1451 0001

($) Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA Branch no. 2 in Wrocław



(EURO) Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA Branch no. 2 in Wrocław



Cash on delivery (COD) – in this option a courier is responsible for taking the amount of money for the delivered product. The delivery expense is included in the transport price. The option is available only throughout Poland.

Domestic deliveries are completed by means of the following couriers:

DPD courier – Transfer/COD (15 PLN/19 PLN)

Foreign deliveries are completed by means of the DPP courier:

Package up to 10 kg –  20 Euro

Package 10-31 kg – 24 Euro

Personal collection with cash – cash is paid when receiving the ordered good in the head office of the company in Wrocław.

Personal collection with payment card – payment is made via a payment card when receiving the ordered good in the head office of the company in Wrocław.

Bank Transfer  – normal bank transfer.

§ 11.

The Seller will put efforts to maximally shorten the order lead time; as a rule it takes 1-2 working days. The lead time is directly dependent upon the product availability and time of package completion.

The delivery lead time starts when a package is sent and ends when an addressee receives it. The delivery lead time is not the same as order lead time.

A delivery by /DPD courier – in the case of 90% of packages, the delivery lead time is 1 working day (Poland) and 2-3 days in Europe. Unfortunately, 10% applies to situation when a courier fails to perform its duties for various reasons, e.g. lorry breakdown, considerable road traffic, difficult weather conditions, accidents, negligence and human errors, as well as absence of an addressee at home.


DPD courier (Transfer) 24 hours since transfer order

DPD courier (COD) 24 hours


DPD courier (Transfer) 74 hours since transfer order

For that reason it is worth checking the delivery status on the courier’s website. Entering our package order, you can have more details about your package. The courier’s dispatcher will provide you with the complete data; contact him via phone.

§ 12.

Every customer, who is a consumer in accord with the art. 221 of the Civil Code and who uses the service of the e-shop, has the right to withdraw from the concluded sale agreement (service) without reason by the time specified below. Filling the withdrawal statement is voluntary.

Time: the right to withdraw from the agreement applies to each customer within 14 calendar days starting with the day of product delivery.

Reimbursements: In the case of withdrawal from remote agreement, the agreement is considered not concluded. What parties rendered shall be returned in its original form, unless a change was necessary. The return shall occur immediately, not later than within 14 calendar days. A purchased product shall be returned to:


ul. Gen. I. Prądzyńskiego 45a

50-433 Wrocław

tel. 071 341 58 00, fax. 071 342 57 19


address: www.hurtownia.zbroja.pl

e-mail: hurtownia@zbroja.pl



The Customer is held responsible for covering costs of returning the product, unless the withdrawal is a result of a temporary inability of ZBROJA INTERNATIONAL TRADE ANDZREJ ZBROJA to render the service as required by the customer.

Exclusion of withdrawal right: A right to withdraw by the customer is excluded in the case of:

Commodities (services) that are not included in the standard offer of the shop, prepared at special customer’s request and adapted to its individual needs.

Trusted Shops – Purchaser’s Protection applies to returns if a customer withdraws from the agreement.

For more details visit https://www.trustedshops.pl/shop/certificate.phpshopHYPERLINK "https://www.trustedshops.pl/shop/certificate.php?shop_id=X9985D2C0426B1A5F067506648ABD7817"id=X9985D2C0426B1A5F067506648ABD7817

§ 13.

Products purchased in the e-shop are subject to a 24-month warranty. ZBROJA International Trade Andrzej Zbroja

assures that the product you purchase is defect-free and can be put into use provided it is applied in accordance with its intended use and recommendations in the manual.

§ 14.

For all our goods we issue proofs of purchase in the form of a receipt or VAT invoice. If you wish to get VAT invoice, you are obligated to fill in the form when placing an order. A proof of purchase is sent jointly with the ordered product.

As a consequence of modifications in principles of issuing invoices introduced by the directive of the Minister of Finances on the 27th of April 2004 (Dz. U. z 1 maja 2004r.) [Journal of Laws dated 1 May 2004] which adapts Polish principles to EU regulations, it is not necessary for the recipient to sign the VAT invoice.

§ 15.

Every Customer is obligated to read the Terms and Conditions carefully and shall follow its provisions starting with the moment of order placement.

Final provisions

E-shop offers wholesale only.

As a result of the order placement, the Seller is entitled to process the personal data within its business taking into consideration data safety requirements specified in the act dated 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (Dz. U. 2002r. Nr 101, poz. 926 ze zmianami) [Journal of Laws No. 101, item 926 with further amendments]. "ZBROJA" International Trade Andrzej Zbroja will not disclose personal data of its Customers to third parties in order to process them or use for marketing purposes.

E-shop makes efforts in order to respect your privacy and protect your personal data provided when using the website and purchasing in the e-shop, as well as takes any necessary measures to guarantee the above.