Available on www.hurtownia.zbroja.pl/en, the Internet wholesale outlet run by „ZBROJA International Trade Andrzej Zbroja”.

The head office of the company is located in Wrocław at ul. Gen. I. Prądzyńskiego 45a. Here customers can find the Internet wholesale outlet, office space, a warehouse, as well as the retail and wholesale store to which we invite customers from Wrocław and towns nearby.

E-wholesale outlet offers primarily high-quality clothes accessories. In our offer you can find inter alia women’s leather handbags, luxury briefcases, men’s bags, backpacks, clutch bags, leather wallets, travel bags, suitcases, dressing cases and other accessories.

Since the beginning of its operation, the company has been actively developing its trademarks: BELLUGIO, SANCHEZ CASUAL, SANCHEZ CLASSIC, VIMAX, WILD TIGER and ELINII, and aiming to gain a strong position on the market of leather accessories.

Taking into consideration the newest trends in the field of Internet services and placing much emphasis on clarity and convenience of use, we have made a set of modifications and changed the store’s design and functionality in accordance with usability principles in e-commerce.

ul. Gen. I. Prądzyńskiego 45a
50-433 Wrocław
tel. 071 341 58 00, fax. 071 342 57 19
NIP: 899-000-03-96, REGON: 005954483
UE VAT ID: PL8990000396

Entered into the Registry of Entrepreneurs (CEIDG), previously run by the Wrocław Municipal Office, under no. 25072

address: www.e-hurtownia.zbroja.pl/en
e-mail address: hurtownia@zbroja.pl
complaints&service: hurtownia@zbroja.pl